Having a baby girl. Part two. Most precious moments

Having a baby girl. Part one. Pregnancy

Every time I look at my daughter, I understand her birth was the best thing happened in my life. She is my daily happiness. And having a girl gives me a number of benefits I enjoy every single day.

  1. Buying all those cute clothes and accessories. With my sweetie I found out that having a lot of dresses, shoes, hair bands and all the other girl stuffs is essential need of a girl. She is only one year old, but she claims for all these things every time we go shopping. And she loves looking at herself in the mirror wearing cute clothes. And I really enjoy buying this all for her.
  2. Getting back to your childhood. I loved playing dolls and kitchen when I was a little girl. And now I can play them again with my girl. It’s a great benefit. And it helps me escape all the daily stress and relax together with my child. If you have a girl, you will definitely appreciate such moments too.
  3. Racing a little helper. My little daughter is already my helper. We always make tea and do cleaning together. She can wipe something with a rag quite well. And she reminds me of cleaning my big mirror from her fingerprints. And it’s just a beginning.
  4. You will want to get better. It’s not a secret every girl wants to take after her mom. And it is a great incentive to become a better version of yourself. And may be you will want to improve your life to show her that we, girls, deserve the best.
  5. She makes her daddy more sensitive and open-hearted. Even my husband himself admitted this fact. Her smile makes him the happiest man in the world. And it hurts him every time she cries. She is such a tender creature. And she makes everyone who is next to her to take their armor off.
  6. You will have your magic girly moments. You both are girls and you will have especial connection. My little daughter already understands she will grow up like me and we already have some girly secrets. And when she will grow a little, this female connection will raise too. You have all the chances to become friends with her.
  7. You can share your experience with her. When she will grow up, she will need your support and your wisdom. Maybe there are some things you’d like to hear when you were young (I have some), you have an opportunity to tell them to your girl.

It is incredibly hard to describe why having a baby girl is a great adventure. But holding her in your arms will make you feel it from the first moment. There’s nothing better being a mom, believe me.

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