First time mom delivery – my personal experience

First time mom delivery – my personal experience

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in woman’s life.

And having a baby is the biggest happiness in life. But between these two totally different happy states most women pass through one most difficult experience – parturition.

As I have noticed, every pregnant woman wants to hear as many stories about it as possible. So here is my story.

My estimated date of delivery was on the 10th of December. And everything started in the evening of the 11th. I cooked dinner, prepared some cutlets for the next day, washed floor and cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen. Ii felt tired and went to lie down for a while.

In a half an hour, about 8 p.m. I felt my panties get wet. Luckily, I had some disposable change mats next to my bed. And one was not enough to absorb all the waters went off. I called my doctor. He told me I can stay at home at night, but at 8 a.m. next morning I should come to the hospital.

I tried to sleep. And I strongly recommend to all future mommies to do the same. At 0 a.m. I had my first contraction. The next two came within 40 minutes. Then I had several with 10 minutes interval. I called my doctor once more. And he said I still can stay home. Then suddenly the contractions started coming within 2 minutes and even less. So at about 3 a.m. my husband brought me to the hospital. It was really painful period. The contractions came one after another and all the turns on the road felt like torture for me. I even had vomiting twice.

The doctor on duty decided I wouldn’t have  my baby at least till 9 a.m. and sent me to sleep at the department of pathology. My contractions were not constant. The breaks between them were changing from half a minute to 7 minutes. And at 6 a.m. my body was totally ready to give birth to my girl. I finally got to the maternity hall and had natural childbirth in sitting position. And at 7.30 a.m. I became a happy mother. The hardest things for me were:

  • My way from department of pathology to maternity hall. I had to go by stairs. It is incredibly hard when you have contractions with 30 sec interval.
  • The postnatal several hours when doctors examined my womb to see if it was decreasing.

And I remember the feeling I had those moments. All this pain is nothing comparing to the happiness of having my baby. And I would love to feel it once again in several years. So, dear future mommies, don’t be afraid and be ready for things may go wrong. It is okay. Believe, in the end everything will be the way it should be.