First yummies in baby’s life

First yummies in baby’s life

First six months are the easiest in feeding for mommies.

We don’t need to think what to feed our babies with. It would be mommy’s milk or food fusion. But then comes the time to introduce ‘adult’ food. And every parent wants to be sure he makes everything right. Before giving my girl her first spoon of porridge I learned a lot of articles on the web. And now I am happy to share with my own experience.

Before feeding my baby with food, I started giving her boiled water with baby spoon. She likes drinking it a lot, so the spoon became her friend very fast. She tried her first porridge when she was 5 months old as her weight stopped growing. It was buckwheat. We started with 2 ml and it took her two weeks to start eating full portion. Then we did the same with rice and oatmeal. After that my sweetie found out what apple and banana are.

With this number of products, I stopped racing portions of new yummies. She tried something new for couple of days and then I gave her something else. It wasn’t a problem to feed her with vegetables after fruits. The only exception was a marrow. She eats it only in soup.

Sometimes my child loses her appetite and eats only apples and breast milk. Of course I always start worry and my first thought is always to make her eat anything. But I always calm down and just let her do the way she wants. And in three days everything comes back to normal. This is the main rule in feeding: never force your baby to eat! Babies know better what they need. I believe it is so, because they don’t make themselves do something they don’t like and don’t want to do. They explore only interesting things and they see no reasons not to be happy. This is what we, adults, should learn from our kids.

So, now, by the end of her first year, my daughter eats porridges, soups, yogurts and fresh fruits every day. Sometimes I feed her with the dishes I eat, but her tummy is not ready to eat solid food daily. Main thing which always helps me to understand whether I should give something to my girl or not is her mood. The child with good digestion is the child with good mood. This is my main rule in feeding.