How to get along with leakage of sleeping and stop being a zombie

How to get along with leakage of sleeping and stop being a zombie

The first and the most important thing which suffers a lot when you have a baby is sleeping. I definitely remember the last day when I had calm sweet dreams all over the night. It was the night before my delivery. And it happens not just because of my baby’s poor sleeping which still happens sometimes, but also because now I learn things, work and finish some homework in the night when my baby is in her bed.

There are some ways which you can try to improve your baby’s sleeping and make it a bit longer so you can have some time just for yourself.

White noise

It is the most popular and one of the simpliest ways. Even grown-ups can use it when they fight with insomnia. The best sound for little babies is imitation of the womb. It can help them relax and sleep well. The white noise has one more benefit: it reduces the affect of any other sounds on your child. It can become essential for those who lives in small apartment or have many people in their house.

There is a great variety of special noise machines. I have one which combines a night light and white noise. And it is very convenient. But when we didn’t have this machine, I simply used my sell phone or any other device with internet in it and turned on the right sound for my girl. So it isn’t necessary to spend much money.

Essential oils

There are many different opinions about essential oils. Some people believe them to be too strong for babies, others think it is just a placebo. And the truth, as usually is somewhere between. Many parents with children sleeping all night long can tell you that essential oils provide positive influence.

Of course, not everything is simple with the oils. They are usually quite strong, so you never should put them directly on baby’s skin. Mix them with some carrier oil and use a diffuser. Start with lower concentration to make sure your child has no allergy. And soon he or she will start sleeping much better.

When it comes to the kinds of oil, I can recommend Chammomile, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, and Lavender. Also there are some blends on the market. You can find them in the drugstore or online. (I like Iherb)

Bathing with herbs

Even neurologists admit positive influence of herbs on child’s seeping. You just prepare a decoction and add it to the water in baby’s bath before sleeping. It works better if you use the therapy in 10 days courses. Then take a break for a week and continue. The herbs which work best for my baby are Calendula, Melissa, Lavender, Sage and conifer.


Balance naps and feeds

The last and very effective strategy which really works is to get the balance of feeds and naps through the day and the night. The main idea here is that you should feed your baby when he is awake, not just before going to sleep.

It means the baby doesn’t start to associate sleep and feeding together. And it can make drifting  off when he is actually tired much easier.

Should keep this routine through the day and the night to make it work. You should also watch the baby not to get overtired and cranky, as this can cause a reaction of not being able to sleep although your baby is exhausted, and it will result in them crying for long period. And it will not help you to get some sleep.

Another good idea is napping along with baby. At least for first few months this can help both parents and the baby get decent sleeping periods and improve their gentle and tender relations. Of course, it is not the same as having a solid 9 hours in one block, but a one hour nap can give you some energy and living power. And your being a parent will become a bit easier.