How to get ready for parenting

How to get ready for parenting

Becoming a parent for the first time can be really scary. Prams, diapers and all the other baby stuffs can confuse anyone. After baby is born parents will have to learn a lot. And of course there are some ways to get ready for this big arrival.

I offer you a simple plan which helped me a lot. Just try to relax and follow it. And of course, believe in your ability to be a good parent.

  1. Shopping list

Try to make a detailed shopping list for you and your future newborn baby. It is so easy to forget about some small and very important thing. And I strongly recommend to prepare everything beforehand. I had a delivery on time. But when I came to the hospital, there was a parturient woman who didn’t even start to prepare for having a baby. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl, but she had a lot of stress about getting back to unprepared house.

  1. Wheels

It is very likely your head is spinning around about picking a pram and all the necessary accessories for it. There is a great variety of designs and options for any pocket. First, read any article about picking a prompt, there is a lot of them on the web. You’ll find out what to pay attention on. And then visit a baby store. Touch different factures and try to walk with the baby vehicle It will help to understand which model suits you best. Then you can choose one in the store or order it online.

  1. Nursery

You pick color and decoration for perfect nursery for your future child. First of all, choose the styles you like. If you feel comfortable in the room, your child will feel the same.

Also ask your friends what they use most in the nursery to make it comfortable, so you won’t have to go to the other side of the room to change baby’s diaper.

The main part in the room for the first several month is a crib. Choose it carefully and pay much attention on safety. So you won’t have to worry when you go out of the room and leave your baby alone.

  1. Pieces of advice

All the mommies, whether you know them or you don’t, love giving advice. Listen to them but don’t take it too close. Remember, your little child is one and unique. And so are you. Your family can be different from anyone else and it is totally okay. And sometimes the advice can be very helpful.

  1. Take care of yourself

Everyone says, “sleep now”. Really, it is a good advice. Take care of yourself during pregnancy. Indulge yourself. Go shopping, enjoy walks, do some easy beauty procedures and sleep enough. The last thing you should do is to get into delivery exhausted. Believe me, you won’t regret you enjoyed those days after having a baby.

  1. Get ready for upcoming holidays

During first several months you won’t have enough time and energy to make presents and surprises for your family and friends. So prepare them beforehand. It helped me a lot. I wasn’t worry about any holiday and everyone was happy I took care of them even though I have a newborn baby.

  1. Make food plans and preparations

Cooking fresh healthy food with a newborn child is not an easy task. And there are several ways to solve the matter.

First, the most obvious, is to prepare some meals like lasagna, casseroles and freeze them. You can do it with almost any dish you like. Yu will be glad to see them on your table later.

The other way is to ask your family and friends to help you. They can bring dinner or cook it at your place. You will appreciate their help anyway!


And remember, there is no way to be totally prepared for motherhood. Just enjoy every day and every moment. And be ready not to be ready.