Happy family is we


I love my family. And I love my husband. I love him now even more than before having a baby. Now I definitely know he is my standby. My husband is a great father for our sweet daughter. It makes me happy watching them paying together. When our cutie wakes up, she starts practicing is pronouncing her favorite word, the word is ‘dad’.

Of course everything wasn’t great like that from the first moment. I don’t know how or when, but we became good parents and happy couple. We solved several important matters to reach the balance and not to fight.

The first thing to do is always talk about everything what bothers you. We should talk calm and never blame each other. Sometimes it is really hard for me as I know he had to do something, but he simply forgot. I always try to find reasonable explanation for him. First it was hard, but now Ii can always understand my man. And he is grateful.

Also I try to agree with his opinion in most cases. He understands importance of his words and becomes more attentive and careful as he knows he is in charge. And he makes mistakes more and more seldom. And it is very convenient not to worry about everything, but just be happy relaxed wife of a loving and caring husband.

And of course, very important part of being a happy family is having sex. Even if I am tired or I have bad mood, I go to some quiet place, for me it is bathroom or garden, and I calm down and recall I am a loved woman. And sexual desire comes back to me every time. Honestly, my husband helps me a lot in feeling beautiful. He tells me he loves me every day and he always says I look wonderful, even if I don’t.

Always try to support each other and believe in each other’s success in any field. This is the main key to happiness. We both feel we are important persons in life. And so does our child. Everyone has daily reasons to smile. And it helps to come with any troubles. I sincerely wish every young family to become patient and happy together. It is easier than it seems. The main thing is to start.