How to be a happy mom


My one-year-old daughter is my first and only child.

And I love her more than anyone or anything in my life.  And I suppose every parent should love his baby. Otherwise there is no reason to become a parent.

My angel makes me happy. Even when she cries and doesn’t want to sleep or to eat her meal I can feel my life means much more than it used to before her birth. I love holding her in my arms and sometimes I don’t want to put her in her small bed because it is too far from me. But I have to as she sleeps better when she lies alone.

When me and my husband decided to have a baby, we promised to do our best to make this tiny person happy. And now her laughter can make the worst day becomes brighter and way much better.

Sometimes it can be hard and scary to raise her, but there are some tips helping me to cope with everything.

I always remember one important rule. A baby cries only if something is wrong. There always is a reason. And if she asks to hold her in your arms, it means she really needs it. Your kisses and hugs can cure your child. This is the truth.

I often look through her photos and wonder how fast she grows up.  And it helps me to evaluate every moment I spend with her.

I teach her the things I like. For example, I love drinking tea. Now we drink tea together in the living room. And we both really enjoy the process.

I became much more attentive to the wolf’s beauty thanks to my daughter. And every walking becomes our little adventure. I see her wondering simple things and it makes me wonder too.

And of course even though I love being together with my babygirl, I also love the moments when she sleeps or plays with her daddy, and I can do something only for me. It helps me to relax and get more power to keep good mood. Some beauty procedures, reading some new information and knitting in cozy quiet corner make me forget of tiredness.

You should forget about standards and rules more often and simply follow your own intuition. Simply love your child and take care of him, so you both mom and child enjoy being together. I believe this is the secret of happy motherhood.