The list to do to improve my life


My husband has recently noticed I became a bit annoyed and bored with my daily routine. And so did I. I used to work before having a baby, and my pregnancy has totally changed my life. And I decided to change it once again. So I made a list which has to help me become a better person and a better mom.

  1. Stop complaining. This is the most important and the hardest thing to do for me. I should not kvetch neither aloud, nor in my mind. This is a real challenge and I sincerely hope I will cope with it.
  2. Daily find a thing to be thankful for. Every day brings something good in life. But I don’t always notice it. So now I have to change it.
  3. Find an opportunity and inspiration to make new notes and write articles once or twice a week. I need to do it simply to keep my mind far away from retrogression.
  4. Cook a new dish at least once a week.
  5. Bake yummy desserts regularly. The most pleasant end of the day is having tea with homemade pie or bun.
  6. Every day tell to my husband how much I love him and appreciate everything he does. It is very simple, but sometimes I grumble about some small matters and forget about some great things he does. My husband deserves to know he is the best man for me.
  7. Take pictures of my daughter every single day.  She grows up so fast and I don’t want to miss anything in her life.
  8. Do exercises to get my great ass back. Before pregnancy I was in love with my body. And I have to get back to those shapes. Daily workout will definitely help me with it.
  9. Do makeup several times a week not to lose the skill.
  10. Do face masks at least twice a week. I don’t get younger, but I don’t wanna start looking older.
  11. Tell myself I am beautiful and never forget I love myself.

This is not everything I’m going to change, but this is a great start for me. Wish me good luck!