Pregnancy and having sex


Pregnancy is the most wonderful and really unique time for most of women. This long-awaited period brings much question about everything in life including sex. It becomes really different. Lady’s body gets unusually sensitive and her feelings become brighter. It may even frighten a future mom, but for real there is nothing to be afraid of.

The new plight puts some restrictions on couple’s sex life. But still, they have lot of opportunities to get their portion of pleasure. Here are several rules to help a happy couple enjoy this unusual period of their lifetime.

More tenderness

Making love should become more gentle and romantic, especially during the first trimester. The future baby is in the very beginning of its heavy way of evolution. To much passion can cause risk of miscarriage. Lovers should not refuse having sex, they simply get an opportunity to enjoy foreplay and romance. Gentle touch can bring even more pleasure than penetration itself. Rough sex is not a good idea for the period. Partners can pretend to be movie stars in beautiful erotic scene in love film instead. Pregnancy can easily become a new honeymoon.


Blowjob is the best friend for pregnant spouses

Even if a doctor puts some restrictions on sex life for a pregnant woman, she still has some oral opportunities. And by the way, having hard moist cock in mouth brings a lot of pleasure to a wifey. If it isn’t so, hubby should change his diet. More vegetables and fruits, pineapple juice, less “harmful” food and cigarettes – and soon his male unit will become really yummy.


Searching for the most comfortable poses

Doggy style makes bad influence on woman’s back. Cowgirl should be very active, but not every pregnant chick can do so. The spoon pose is simply perfect for future parents, when both lay on their sides and a man gets in from behind. Spouses can easily find several suitable variants during pleasant and simple experiments.

The most important thig during pregnancy is keeping great feelings and positive mood. This period can make husband and wife become closer and prepare beautiful and sensitive female body for the coming parturition. Of course, there is a possibility a woman wouldn’t want to have sex. She shouldn’t worry about it. It is better to focus on what she wants at this moment, and sexual desire will necessarily come a little later.