A reminder for myself before having a second baby


Last winter I gave a life to my first baby, my sweet girl.

And, of course me and my husband were afraid of many different things and situations. And of course we’ve made a lot of mistakes. So, not to repeat them next time I’ve made this list of the most important things to do and not to.

  1. This is the first thing coming on my mind. I won’t rock my second baby on my arms if I won’t have to. Sometimes it is really hard for me to rock my girl now. And for all my other children I will choose some other way of going to sleep.
  2. I won’t go on diet. Some internet sources and one poorly qualified doctor made me believe I should strongly restrict variety of the food I eat. Now I know it was not necessary at all, and further more it was harmful for my health. So next time I’ll be smarter.
  3. I will diarize my food and my child’s food too. It takes a lot of time, but it is really useful. I will always be able to say which product affects on my child’s behavior and health.
  4. I’ll start luring my baby at the age of month. I strongly believe the baby would eat much better then. There are some new researches proving the existence of so called window of tolerance which means likes first food more, if he meets it between 4th and 6th
  5. Do massage and morning exercises for my baby as often as possible to help him avoid problems with physical health. I was afraid to make my sweetie overtired and as a result we had to take some professional massage service.
  6. The last and the most important thing I promise to do is to stay calm even if something goes wrong. Now I know that a child can sleep and stay cool only if his mom is calm too. So I’ve learned to control my emotions and won’t let them influence on my girl.