How to stay safe while taking drugs during pregnancy

How to stay safe while taking drugs during pregnancy

Pregnancy is very important and chsllenging period for future mother. Now she is responsible not only for her health, but also for her future child’s safety. So, she thinks twice before eating or drinking anything new.

When I was pregnant, I had to take some medicines for my kidneys. When I first heard about the nessecity of taking antibiotics, I was horrified. There even were some tears. But, lucky me, my doctor is a wonderful women. She gave me full information about all the aspects of my problems and about every element the pills I took contained. They were totally safe for my future babygirl.

So I want to share the information how to avoid any problems caused with medicines during pregnancy.

Ask your doctor and be attentive

First of all, we always have to think through the problem and ask all the questions we have from our doctor. A qualified specialist should know everything about the medicines he prescribes.

Try to use natural ways

Hot weather or extra physical activity can cause your headache or some pain in your back. It doesn’t mean you should pop of the pill immediately. Try lay down to sleep in cool and quite place. Perhaps it will be enough to feel good again

Be a good reader

It will take much time from you, but this action will give you a good benefit. Find information about the medicines and all the ingredients you shouldn’t take during pregnancy. And avoid them to be sure you won’t hurt your future child.

Looking out has its benefits

Listen to your body’s signals. If you have simple headache without any other problems, there is no need to rush for taking pills. But if you suffer some terrible pain, you might want to take a safe medicine.

Writing down your symptoms can be very useful. It will help your doctor to assess your condition on your regular checkup and prescribe you some safe drug based on your symptoms and give you advice to prevent future problems.

Be conservative

If someone offers you a new and super effective medicine, or you want to try something you saw on TV, be extremely careful, as it can be risky to change the preparation you take. New doesn’t always means a good one.

Listen to your doctor

During pregnancy your doctor often becomes your best friend. So was mine. I could call her or at least write to any time 24/7 and she always used to give me answers and advice. She kept her eye on my good state of health and safety.

So if you have any questions or matters, you should always discuss them with your doctor. Situations of different pregnant women can look similar, but indeed they vary a lot.

Have regular visits to your doctor to avoid or minimize any problems with your and your child’s health. Always be honest with your feelings and your condition. And follow your doctor.

Follow your list

Ask a list of medicines you can take whenever you need from your doctor. He can recommend you medicines for flu, colds, headaches, diarrhea, rashes etc.

Also ask your doctor about alternatives to ease up pain in your body. And, of course, once you have a list, you should stick to it. If you feel something aside from your list, consult to your doctor.

Stay safe and be happy!