What being a mom means


The past week was really tough for me. My daughter got two brand-new teeth and fell ill for the first time in her tiny life. It was incredibly stressful for her and, of course, it was even worse for me. Mom’s heart always hurts when her child is not okay.

Every time she doesn’t sleep well I worry about her health. Every time I hear her crying I pray to take away and feel all the pain instead of her. And I’m terribly afraid of her growing up as I won’t be able to keep her safe from all the troubles.

So motherhood makes every woman much stronger than she used to be, now I know it for sure. This is why all those mommies’ forums are so popular. We simply need support, and no one else can get us as other mommies do.

Every mother who simply loves her child is already a good mom. Never doubt it! A child might not have all the toys or fashionable clothes you want to give to him, but if he has your love, care and support, he will be happy and self-confident person, which is much more important than any material good. I see an example in my family. My sister races her girls in average family full of love and mutual respect. And my aunt races my 4-year-old cousin in rich family where father can shout on anyone and sometimes it seems he doesn’t respect anyone. The girl gets any toy she wants and her parents try to fulfill her any wish. And still, she doesn’t look so happy and she is unconfident, nervous and whiny. I believe she doesn’t need the things she has, but she misses love and support from her parents.  And this is what I am going to give to my sweetie. Of course I’ll do my best to provide her everything in material life too. But first I need to supply her with my attention and care.

Being a mom means take care of baby’s seeping more than of yours, being strong and cam even when you don’t want to. It means your life is not only yours any more. And for me I means I am not the most important person for myself.

Sure, it is impossible to be a perfect parent all the time. And if sometimes you can’t cope with parenting, you should not punish yourself or worry too much. The main thing a mom should do is keep on trying to do her best to raise her child. And the best award for her will be his happy smile.

Becoming a mom totally changes woman’s life. It is hard to get used to the new being. But when it happens, you understand that nothing else is worth it to refuse being a mom.